Friday, December 9, 2016

Sunroom - Before and After

This was the sunroom about six months after we moved into our house. It was nice, peaceful and relaxing. I could have been done, well after I finished the coffee filter lampshade.

Then my House Beautiful magazine arrived and I saw this:

ashley-whittaker4.jpg (1600×1268)

The sunroom never stood a chance. So, I began gathering and scouring the internet, do you know how hard it is to find the perfect lavender curtains? Thank you Bed, Bath and Beyond, who knew?

These pictures do not do it justice, but it is spectacular! The Pier 1 sofa is a perfect seafoam and the chairs match in a different, but shimmery fabric. The wings were an amazing find, they are made out of metal and reclaimed wood. I made a sign to hang over them that says, "He will cover you with His feathers, under His wings you will find refuge." Great reminder!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Communi-Tea - Intentional Hospitality

This day was building in my heart for years. There were those who inspired, those who opposed and those who attended, it finally happened in October. I have had a vision for a tea party where lots of women, from lots of different places come together and fellowship. It was a dream come true, a walking out of my identity as a daughter of God. Inviting, encouraging, beckoning women to come, get away for a few hours talk to other women and enjoy the beauty of our Father in each other. 

We started a small group in our home a couple of months ago, which gave me the final push and vision for this day. It was a month ago that I knew it would be called "Communi-Tea" and that gave me the fuel and fire to get the invitations printed. 

The weather could not have been more perfect, so we stayed on the back porch the whole time. Enjoying each other, the food, the tea and the fun.

Our menu included the following:

Sandwiches & Savory

Sweets & Treats

Pumpkin Muffins
Assorted Russell Stover Chocolates
Plain scones served with
lemon curd and Devonshire cream

The pictures I took of the amazing women who attended did not come out. When I went to download them from the camera they were not there, so you will have to trust me that these women were beautiful and had a wonderful time.

Everyone was already talking about doing it again and we will in the Spring. Maybe you could join us?

Now Showing

These end tables are gorgeous! They have amazing detail and great curves. I stained the top red mahogany which brought out the richness in the wood and the grain. If only I had a place for them - lucky you!!!

What little girl wouldn't love sitting here for hours? My little girl has already expressed her desire for it and when that didn't work, she named several little girls she would like to give it to.  The growth chart to the right of the vanity is made by my friend Mary, she is so talented.

A Murphy 4019 cedar chest with a distressed finish. The inside is untouched and in great condition. I tried keeping this one too, said it would make a great bench for the dining table, but that didn't work.

A great rustic JOY sign for your front porch, living room or kitchen. It has a little sparkle to it. I AM keeping one for my porch.

Cute little boxwood pots in a rustic chicken wire basket with wooden handle. This has a little sparkle too.

All these items and more can be found at Rescue Me Market.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Must Haves!

I have searched for wings like this for at least a year and bought two pair as soon as I saw them. I took this pair to the store and the other pair is gracing my sunroom windows. I am going to make or have a sign made with Psalm 91:4, He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge;

This little beauty will make a perfect Christmas present. Space for everything! A soft, robin's egg blue with a slight distressed finished will make this #1 on any girls Christmas list.

These were love at first sight, but I just don't have the space for them anymore, so they are looking for a new home.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Isn't She Lovely?

One of a kind occasional table or end table great for any room of the house.  Dark stained top with white chippy legs and a pop of blue on the bottom shelf.  This table has unique metal details that attach the shelf to the table.  Now available at Rescue Me Market.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Chippy Goodness

Most recent addition to my space at Rescue Me Market.  Chippy goodness all over the place!  Lots of storage and display area.

Monday, April 11, 2016

If Walls Could Talk

When we moved into our house last year this is what the fireplace wall looked liked.  It definitely needed work, but it was not a priority.  Well at least it was not a priority until the insurance company threatened to cancel our policy if we did not fill out some fire safety questionnaire or send them a picture with the wood stove removed.  There was some sort of code violation.  So, renovation demolition extraction happened quickly.

Several men and several hundred dollars later we had this.  Awesome!  A huge gaping hole in my living room. The contractor asked me what I was going to do in this space and it came out before I had really even though about it - a reading nook!  That was going to require several hundred more dollars and time, so we put a big piece of pressed board up there for months.

We sold our previous house, so it was time to get to our long awaited wall transformation.  I am from Florida, so a fireplace was not a huge requirement for me.  We opted to plank the entire opening where the wood stove used to be.  Maybe we will put an electric wall mounted fireplace there one day.

I absolutely love the way it turned out.  I used a color complementary to our wall color to "wash" the bare 1x4's.  I just mixed equal parts paint and water.  The mantel was stained in Jacobean and the bricks painted white then sponged in the same color as the planking.

Now for the reading nook.  Imagine the space behind the planking.  We opened it up and did this (below). Well, I did not, but someone did!  We have shelves on either side and the seat is a huge storage area underneath where I am keeping all our family photos and albums.

I did stain the planking in the nook with Ralph Lauren Tobacco glaze by applying the glaze and wiping it off.

This is the light inside the nook, which finishes off the space well.

Have you done something unconventional in your home?  What would your walls say?

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Open for Business

It is with great excitement that I write my first post here on The Salvaged Peach.  My new space is coming together nicely at Rescue Me Market in Thomaston, Georgia.

My first pieces in my new space:

Driving through our adorable little town square I saw a shirt at a boutique and I had to come home and paint the saying on a sign.  I love it!  Fortunately for you I do not have any wall space left, so you can head on over to Rescue Me and buy it for your very own.

These chairs were in my sunroom, but my desire for an office won, so here they are.  Painted by the lovely and talented Linda Luce of Simply Painted, who has sadly moved to Texas.

Below is a sampling of items I have had there over the past year.  They are all sold, but show the variety of items I bring into the store.

 Green Drexel dresser with black hardware and a secret compartment.

I made several of these furry stools, they were a hit.  We loved them so much here at my house we covered our piano bench in fur too.

 My set-up, thanks once again to Linda Luce, before I moved.

 I love an old typewriter.  I also, had an Underwood, but it only lasted a minute.

Fixer Upper inspired coffee table/trunk.

This came from my kitchen.  I loved it for two years and then said good-bye to red accessories.

These sewing machine drawers were in my booth for months and did not sell, so I brought them home and made an organizer out of them.  They too did not last long.

I got these beauties in a trade.  They are Lane end tables that I painted Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray and white drawers.

It has been a blast to turn trash (sometimes literally) to treasure.  When I was little my mother took me to yard sales, flea markets and antique stores, which helped me develop a love and eye for beauty...especially beauty in the rough.

Come visit me on the square at Rescue Me Market in Thomaston, Georgia.