Thursday, March 31, 2016

Open for Business

It is with great excitement that I write my first post here on The Salvaged Peach.  My new space is coming together nicely at Rescue Me Market in Thomaston, Georgia.

My first pieces in my new space:

Driving through our adorable little town square I saw a shirt at a boutique and I had to come home and paint the saying on a sign.  I love it!  Fortunately for you I do not have any wall space left, so you can head on over to Rescue Me and buy it for your very own.

These chairs were in my sunroom, but my desire for an office won, so here they are.  Painted by the lovely and talented Linda Luce of Simply Painted, who has sadly moved to Texas.

Below is a sampling of items I have had there over the past year.  They are all sold, but show the variety of items I bring into the store.

 Green Drexel dresser with black hardware and a secret compartment.

I made several of these furry stools, they were a hit.  We loved them so much here at my house we covered our piano bench in fur too.

 My set-up, thanks once again to Linda Luce, before I moved.

 I love an old typewriter.  I also, had an Underwood, but it only lasted a minute.

Fixer Upper inspired coffee table/trunk.

This came from my kitchen.  I loved it for two years and then said good-bye to red accessories.

These sewing machine drawers were in my booth for months and did not sell, so I brought them home and made an organizer out of them.  They too did not last long.

I got these beauties in a trade.  They are Lane end tables that I painted Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray and white drawers.

It has been a blast to turn trash (sometimes literally) to treasure.  When I was little my mother took me to yard sales, flea markets and antique stores, which helped me develop a love and eye for beauty...especially beauty in the rough.

Come visit me on the square at Rescue Me Market in Thomaston, Georgia.