Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Wild Daisy Farm Bed & Breakfast

My motto is, "There is no excuse too small to get together with friends." I live in a small town in middle Georgia and we do not have a lot of choices when it comes to dining out, so when something new comes to town or a town near us, it is a topic of conversation and everyone is ready to try it. I heard about a new place to eat, Wild Daisy Farm, in the next town over and that is all I needed to organize a lunch with the precious ladies on my street.

It was just a short trip to Molena from our neighborhood, which we used to catch up on family and town happenings and our latest and upcoming home projects. We arrived early and were seated immediately. Wild Daisy Farm Bed & Breakfast is in a beautiful brick building in the town center.

Beautiful antiques and decor greet you as soon as you walk in the door

There is something to see at every turn and at every table
Beauty is everywhere in this restaurant

No space is wasted

The ladies and I all ordered the sunflower sprout salad and bacon and three cheese quiche. Jenny, the owner and chef, immediately brought fresh bread to our table with a sliver of cream cheese. The salad was served with either homemade raspberry or vinagarette dressing. I had never had sunflower sprouts, but I must say there were delicious and made a beautiful presentation on the place which also included dried cranberries, mandarin oranges and nuts. The quiche was also cooked to perfection. We finished our meal with homemade strawberry cake. Other dessert options were lemon cake, gooey brownie a la mode and an assortment of cobblers. While we were eating Jenny told us that three guests rooms were available to tour today, so as soon as we finished eating we headed upstairs.

What awaited us was breathtaking.

First bedroom at the top of the stairs:

Beautiful architectural detail in the hall that is probably part of old farm equipment.

 Bedroom two:

Bedroom three:

If you are ever near Molena, Georgia this is a must stop and see and eat kind of place. The food, staff and atmosphere was amazing. 

My neighbors and I had a great time and I hope this will be the beginning of something new. 

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